Przysłówki – ćwiczenia z angielskiego


Choose the correct adverbs to complete the sentences.

poziom ćwiczenia: advanced

Opis gramatyki: Tworzenie przysłówków angielskich

  1. I've studied your report   and found several small errors.

  2. My findings are based   on what we presently have in the database.

  3. I was in the middle of my presentation when Robert so   interrupted me.

  4. It's   a case of mistaken identity.

  5. This will be   important to the future of the company.

  1. David went   with his criticism of the filing system. It's not that bad!

  2. Miriam speaks German well but French rather  .

  3. This area has always been   populated because of frequent flooding.

  4. It was   wrong of Sam to talk to me in that awful tone!

  5.  , we have to be patient. We'd better not rush into anything.

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