make up – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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make up

phrasal verb z czasownikiem make
  1. pogodzić się po kłótni

    I'm so happy that you agreed to forgive and forget and made up so quickly.

    Do you think Mark and Ellie will ever make up after that terrible argument?

    I want to make up with Sarah but she won't even answer the phone.

  2. robić makijaż
    make (somebody/something) up

    It's time to make my face up and do my hair for this evening.

    It always takes me ages to make up. Which lipstick to wear is the hardest decision.

    When I make up, I apply mascara and eyeliner last.

  3. wymyślić, zmyślać
    make something up

    You've made all that up to deceive us! Tell us the truth!

    It's an interesting story you've made up. The kids will love reading it.

    You should tell us why you were late instead of making up silly excuses.

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