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Complete the sentences with prepositions in, on or at.

Wstaw w puste miejsca przyimek in, on lub at.

  1. I was the kitchen when the telephone rang.

  2. My best friend lives a village the north of the country.

  3. Kate isn't the party now, she's bed.

  4. I think there's someone the door. Open it, please.

  5. Turn right the traffic lights and the bank is the left the end of the street.

  1. I love swimming the sea but I don't like swimming the river.

  2. Sit a chair, don't sit the floor.

  3. Frank has been many dangerous situations the world. He's a journalist.

  4. Mary lives this house. Her room is the first floor.

  5. I bought a new television and put it the corner of the room.

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Complete the sentences with prepositions in, on or at.
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