Przyimki angielskie – testy


Choose the correct preposition.

poziom ćwiczenia: elementary

Opis gramatyki: Przyimki angielskie

  1. We arrived  1   the airport just  2   time.


  2. My train arrived  1   Warsaw  2   12.30.


  3. The students will have a test   the end of this semester.

  4. The people   the next room are very noisy!

  5.   first I didn't like you but after a while I changed my opinion.

  1. There was a serious accident   the crossroads yesterday.

  2. He is supposed to get here   midnight.

  3.   the beginning of the year it was very cold here.

  4.   the end of each book you'll find an index.

  5. There are some people waiting   the bus stop.

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