come around/round – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

Tłumaczenie na polski czasownika frazowego come around/round wraz z przykładem użycia. ...............

come around/round

phrasal verb z czasownikiem come
  1. odwiedzić, wpaść z wizytą do kogoś

    Come round anytime in the afternoon, I'm usually at home after twelve.

    I'll come round later when you're not so busy.

    Feel free to come round if you need any help with your school project.

  2. odzyskać przytomność

    Why did the patient take so long to come round? For a moment, I thought we'd lost him.

    I banged my head so hard that I didn't come around for several minutes.

    The victim of the attack came round quickly thanks to the action of the ambulance crew.

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