put back – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

Tłumaczenie na polski czasownika frazowego put back wraz z przykładem użycia. ...............

put back

phrasal verb z czasownikiem put
  1. odłożyć na miejsce
    put something back

    Did you manage to put back that money you stole from the office coffee fund? Sorry. Borrowed.

    Please put your clothes back in the wardrobe so they don't get covered in dust during the building work.

    Why aren't you putting your toys back in the cupboard as I asked?

  2. przełożyć w czasie, odłożyć
    put something back

    The shop opening has had to be put back because of problems with the fire sprinklers.

    If this weather continues, we'll have to put back the opening until it improves.

    It's been put back until May, but a date hasn't been fixed yet.

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