put down – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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put down

phrasal verb z czasownikiem put
  1. poniżać, upokarzać, ośmieszać
    put somebody down

    Mary was crying yesterday because the boss keeps putting her down in front of the other guys in the office.

    You shouldn't let Eddie put you down like that. It's really not nice!

    I felt embarrassed when your brother put me down when Sandra was there. Who does he think he is?

  2. położyć, postawić
    put something down

    Stop what you're doing and put everything down on the floor.

    I'll have to put down this box. It's too heavy for me.

    You can put that wood down on the floor. We don't need it until tomorrow.

  3. uśpić (chore zwierzę)
    put something down

    The kids were in tears when the vet said our dog had to be put down.

    I worry that my horse will have to be put down. It was involved in a terrible accident.

    The worst part of being a vet is putting down a much-loved pet.

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