put on – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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put on

phrasal verb z czasownikiem put
  1. zakładać (na siebie)
    put something on

    Why don't you put on that black dress I bought you last week? Don't you like it now?

    Put your hat on! It's freezing outside.

    I'll be ready in a minute. I'm just putting my boots on.

  2. włączyć (światło, radio); nastawić (płytę, czajnik)
    put something on

    Could you put the light on, please? I can't see what I'm doing.

    I'll put the radio on so we can listen to some music while we work.

    I never put the TV on until after eight in the evening.

  3. przytyć, przybrać na wadze
    put something on

    I've put weight on since I discovered that cake shop at the shopping centre.

    I've put on three kilos since I stopped working out, so it's back to the gym for me.

    It's bad for your health to put on lots of weight.

  4. postawić pieniądze na coś
    put (money) on something

    How much money did you put on that horse? It won by a mile.

    I like to have a bet on the horses but I never put much on.

    We went to a casino and Dave put all his wages on zero at the roulette table. He won thousands.

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