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Randka w ciemno, kość niezgody, gwiazdka z nieba, zła passa, promyk nadziei... Jeśli chcecie zabłysnąć znajomością języka nawet przed native speakerami, warto znać na wylot wyrażenia idiomatyczne. Naukę ułatwi nasza obszerna lista z polskimi odpowiednikami i przykładami użycia.

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na dobre

John told me he'd given up drinking for good, but he had a couple of beers in the pub this afternoon.

dla zabawy

They put salt in his tea just for a laugh but he didn't find it at all funny.

od samego początku

If you make a mistake, you'll have to start from scratch and go through the whole process again.

płakać jak bóbr, wypłakiwać sobie oczy

Julie cried her eyes out when her cat died. She's very fond of all her pets.

w podróży

I'm on the road a lot in my new job and drive about a thousand miles a week.

wszystko dobre, co się dobrze kończy

I hear that David and Eleanor have settled their differences and got back together, so all's well that ends well.

pomimo wszystkich przeciwności

Bill won the race against all odds. Not even his trainer thought he had a chance of getting gold.


I will not let you go to France on your own. It's out of the question, so there's no point in arguing with me.

pomóc komuś

Jerry wants me to give him a hand again tomorrow. He's always asking for help these days.

krótko mówiąc, w skrócie

In a nutshell, I'm sick of your complaining. I can't say it any simpler than that.

znienacka, nieoczekiwanie

The letter came totally out of the blue. I didn't expect to hear from him ever again.

mieć cięty język

Jenny has a sharp tongue at times. She'll tell you honestly what she thinks, so try not to upset her.

igrać z ogniem

You're playing with fire by doing business with Leonard. His last partner lost thousands of pounds in a few weeks.

być na czyimś miejscu

I'd hate to be in your shoes when your mother hears about what you've done. You'll be in serious trouble.

świetny, doskonały, niesamowity

This restaurant is rather expensive but the food is out of this world. I've never had a better curry.


Try to get there dead on time. There's no point arriving early and hanging around, but the boss hates people being late.

krok po kroku

I'll go through the instructions with you step by step so you don't damage anything. It's better to proceed slowly and carefully.

kłaść czemuś kres

We have to put a stop to employees stealing things from the warehouse. We're losing a lot of money.

zadzwonić do kogoś

Angela promised to give me a buzz this afternoon but she still hasn't called. Perhaps she has no credit on her phone.

nic trudnego, pestka

I thought the repair would be difficult but it was a piece of cake. It only took twenty minutes.

wygadać się, puścić parę

Somebody spilled the beans about my plans. Now everyone knows what I'm going to do.

jeść jak koń

I'm not surprised he's overweight. He eats like a horse and has chips with almost every meal.

spać jak zabity

I'll sleep like a log tonight after chopping all this wood. I'm exhausted.

krokodyle (nieszczere) łzy

Your crocodile tears don't fool me. You're making yourself cry to get my sympathy.

bardzo szczęśliwy/a

Derek has been on top of the world since he met Fiona. I've never seen him so happy.

przychodzić do głowy / na myśl

It never crossed my mind that he was in love with me. Everyone says it's obvious.

urządzić przyjęcie, imprezę

We're throwing a party for Jim's birthday next week, so we have a lot to do to get everything ready.

być szalonym, postradać zmysły

I'd be out of my mind to agree to such a ridiculous proposition. Common sense tells me to refuse the offer.

czasami, niekiedy

Bob gets a bit lonely at times, but he's cheerful enough most of the time.

być w tej samej (zwykle złej) sytuacji

It seems we're in the same boat. Both divorced and neither of us has a job.

brać sobie coś do serca

Don't take everything Clive says to heart. A lot of what he says shouldn't be treated seriously by anyone.

być wyrzuconym/wylanym z pracy

Stop complaining to the boss or you'll get the sack. How could you survive without a job?

czytać komuś w myślach

Please tell me exactly what's going on. I can't read your mind, and I need to know if you want me to help.

oszukać kogoś, nabrać

He's taking you for a ride! He can't afford to pay you as much as he's promised.

traktować kogoś/coś poważnie

How can I take you seriously? You don't call for months and suddenly want to take me on holiday.

pośpiesz się!

Get a move on! We'll miss the start of the film if we don't hurry.

załamać się, rozkleić się

James went to pieces when Sarah left him and had to have medication and psychiatric help to help him recover.

wściec się

My parents hit the roof when I told them that I'd failed three of my exams. My dad has never been so angry with me.

sprzeczać się, kłócić się

You seem upset. Have you had words with your boyfriend again about his drinking?

z zimną krwią

The suspect killed the unarmed guard in cold blood and took the money from the van.

czas to pieniądz

Do I have to remind you that time is money? We'll have to work faster if we want to earn enough to go out tonight, so stop messing about!

opanować się, wziąć się w garść

It was quite a while before Danny got over the death of his wife and pulled himself together. He's going to the pub again, and that's a good sign.

teoretycznie, w teorii

His plans always sound great in theory, but they don't always work in practice.

wyluzować się, zrelaksować się

Don't worry about the heavy traffic. Just take it easy and listen to the radio or read your book.

i co z tego? kogo to obchodzi?

I heard you lost your job, but so what? You'll get another one soon, I'm sure.

w praniu

We can't go to a fancy restaurant because my best clothes are all in the wash. They won't be dry until tomorrow.

mieć rację, słuszność

I have to admit that you were in the right when you warned me about Richard. He has a criminal record.

źle, opacznie kogoś zrozumieć

I've never liked Martin, but please don't get me wrong. I wouldn't do anything to hurt him.

niezwykły, specjalny, niecodzienny

The new model is nothing out of the ordinary. It looks like most other modern cars in this price range.

całe wieki

I've been working there for a month but it feels like donkey's years. The work is boring and time goes very slowly.

robić sobie żarty/jaja (z kogoś)

Susan hates people taking the mickey out of her when she does her facial exercises, but she does look funny.

dotrzymywać słowa

You have no choice but to keep your word if you promised to help Ken tomorrow. You cannot change your mind.

bardzo zmęczony

I was dog-tired when I went to bed and fell asleep as soon as my head touched the pillow.

wiązać koniec z końcem

I gave you the money so you could make ends meet until you find work.You should have paid your bills with it and not wasted it all on having fun with your friends.

mnóstwo pieniędzy

The shoes cost me an arm and a leg. My wife isn't happy that I spent so much on just one pair.

gniewne, pełne nienawiści spojrzenie

The black look that Mary gave me when I entered the conference room clearly showed she wasn't happy with my report.


She pretends to be cool about her divorce but never speaks about it in public. Only close friends know her true feelings.

Uważaj! Idź ostrożnie!

Watch your step! I've just mopped the floor and it's still slippery.

cofnąć dane słowo, wycofać się z obietnicy

I promised to lend Frank some money and I can't go back on my word. He needs it to get his car repaired and would be so disappointed if I did.

na zasiłku dla bezrobotnych

I'll be happy to spend a few months on the dole when this job ends. I can use the time to get things done around the house.

próbować czegoś

I had a stab at rock climbing when I was on holiday, but it's not for me. I haven't got a head for heights.

Spływaj! Zjeżdżaj!

That's the last time I'm inviting you to any of my parties. Get lost, and never come back!

mrowienie, 'mrówki'

I was kneeling down for too long and got pins and needles in both legs. It's a really strange feeling.

być w radosnym nastroju

My brother is buying drinks in the pub. He is in high spirits after passing his driving test at the first attempt.

zdecydować się nagle coś zrobić

Janet has taken it into her head to drop out of university and travel the world. Her parents are trying to get her to think again.

wyjaśniać coś

We have to get this straight. I'm the boss and you work for me, so stop interfering with the running of the business.

zmieszany, zakłopotany lub zły

What are you so hot and bothered about? I think you need to sit down and relax for a while, and then tell me all about it.

denerwować się, mieć tremę

I had butterflies in my stomach when I was opening this letter from Alec. I was nervous because I thought he wanted to finish with me, but he wrote that he still loved me.

mieć nosa do czegoś

He's a brilliant reporter who has a good nose for interesting stories. He's often on the front page of the evening paper.

uparty jak osioł

I'm trying to get Ron to see a dentist, but he's as stubborn as a mule and nothing I say will make him go.

Po moim trupie!

You'll marry my daughter over my dead body! She deserves someone better than you!

bardzo rzadko, od wielkiego dzwonu

It's only once in a blue moon that I go fishing these days, but I used to go every weekend.

schodzić na psy, pogarszać się

This club has gone to the dogs. I remember when only nice people came here.

kosztować fortunę, masę pieniędzy

Your new bike must have cost a bomb! How did you get such a large amount of money?

marnie, słabo (czuć się, wyglądać)

Ted has been feeling off colour since yesterday so I've booked him in with the doctor.

mieć chrypę, mieć trudności z mówieniem z powodu podrażnionego gardła

Have you got a frog in your throat? I can't understand what you're saying.

zarozumialec, ważniak

Stop telling people how successful you are! Nobody likes a big-head.

mówić bzdury, głupstwa

You're talking rubbish! You haven't any evidence that Janice is seeing another guy.

powiedzieć coś nietaktownego, palnąć gafę

You really dropped a brick with your negative comments about Clive. His father was in the room and clearly embarrassed.

utrzymać coś w tajemnicy

I want you to keep this quiet until I have evidence, so don't tell anyone about my suspicions.

zrozumieć coś, wyznać się na czymś

I couldn't make heads or tails of Victor's explanation. I'll have to go online to figure it out.

zamienić się w słuch, nagle się czymś zaciekawić

After ignoring me for weeks, Roger was all ears when he heard I'd inherited such a lot of money.

mieć rękę do roślin

I'm afraid I don't have green fingers. Everything I plant usually dies within a couple of weeks no mater what I do.

podejrzewać, że coś jest nie tak; wyczuć pismo nosem

I smell a rat here. There's something that makes me very suspicious of his motives, but I don't know what it is exactly.

siedzieć w więzieniu, odsiadywać karę

You'll do time if the police find out you've been lying to them. Tell the truth if you don't want to risk going to prison.

pójść wcześnie spać

I'm going to have an early night tonight because I'm really tired. I can't stay up until midnight as I usually do.

wbijać komuś coś do głowy

I had it hammered into me that I should be respectful to elderly people. My parents never missed an opportunity to tell me that.

młody duchem

You're still young at heart, Nigel. Many people of your age are much too serious about everything, but you still laugh at life.

wyrzucić coś z siebie, zrzucić ciężar z serca

I think you have something to get off your chest. You'll feel better if you tell me what the problem is.

stracić twarz, honor

Jane is anxious about losing face if she fails her driving test. I told her not to worry about what other people think of her.

z otwartymi ramionami, chętnie

I welcome the proposal with open arms. I'm sure I'll be proved right in my optimistic assessment.

popaść w rutynę

You've been in a rut since you retired. You need to start doing things that give you enjoyment and satisfaction.


Please don't cut me short again. Let me finish what I want to say without further interruption.

nie zgadzać się z kimś/czymś

I take issue with people who think they are better than others because they come from wealthy families. They are wrong to feel that way.

nadstawiać uszu

Dennis spent most of the evening staring into space, but pricked up his ears when somebody started talking about football. He a total fanatic, we discovered.

zbyt piękne, by było prawdziwe

Some things are too good to be true, but Colin really does have an interview with the leading advertising company in the UK.

przyjąć za zasadę, regularnie coś robić

I make it a rule to go jogging at least once a day, but I broke it yesterday because I had knee pain.

odległy, daleki

I can't remember the name of the place where Jenny lives; it's a tiny village way off the map.

żyć samemu, bez towarzystwa; być zamkniętym w sobie

Mary prefers to keep herself to herself. She's never been comfortable in social situations.

zapuścić korzenie, zadomowić się

I want to travel a lot before I put down roots and hopefully get married.

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przydatne byłyby ćwiczenia do tego

Czy ktos zna polski odpowiednik idiomu 'hourses for courses'?

Przepraszam BarbaraM87 czy masz te wszystkie idiomy w jakimś pliku?

Brakuje mi dosłownego tłumaczenia danego idiomu.

Szkoda że nie ma takiej opcji - drukuj, bo trudno jest to ogarnąć samemu. :(

czy ma ktoś może ten plik w pdf lub wordzie? i by się podzielił bo nie da się skopiowac:(

Witam, szkoda że nie ma opcji sugestii tłumaczenia poszczególnych idiomów. #16 ups and downs aż się prosi o wzloty i upadki.

idiomy to już wyższa szkoła jazdy.... myślałem że dla mnie już na zawsze pozostaną tajemnica

ja bym "learn by heart" przetłumaczył: wykuć na blachę a
"go for a song" sprzedać za bezcen.

jak bedzie przecedzanie komara polykanie wielblada?
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faktycznie mógłby ten wykaz być w nieco wygodniejszej formie ale ogólnie baza na plus i część nie była mi znana

Czy może ktoś przesłać pik w wordzie bądź pdf? w żaden sposób nie mogę skopiować ;/

poprzednia wersja gdzie można było ćwiczyć idiomy z pamięci (bez podpowiedzi-tłumaczenia) była zdecydowanie lepsza ...szkoda że już jej nie ma...

szkoda, że nie dodano tłumaczenia przykładowych zdań z idiomami

Dla mnie wygodnie jest ustawić sobie po prostu auto klikera i słuchać co lektor mówi. Jest wiele patentów, ale trzeba wpaść pierw na to jaki wykorzystać. Oni te słówka mają zapisane w bazie danych, a z bazy danych wiersze można importować. Potem są wyświetlane na stronie za pomocą odpowiednich zapytań. Gdyby tak można by się tam dostać, ale najłatwiej jest z auto klikerem polecam.

cześć wszystkim ! mógłby się ktoś podzielić tymi idiomami w formie pliku w wordzie ? byłabym wdzięczna ! ;)

nie dziala -nie kupuje