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Randka w ciemno, kość niezgody, gwiazdka z nieba, zła passa, promyk nadziei... Jeśli chcecie zabłysnąć znajomością języka nawet przed native speakerami, warto znać na wylot wyrażenia idiomatyczne. Naukę ułatwi nasza obszerna lista z polskimi odpowiednikami i przykładami użycia.

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być spłukanym, bez kasy

I'm broke because I've paid all my bills. I'll stay broke until I get paid next week.

podjąć ryzyko

You're taking your life in your hands every time you ride that old bike. Stay off it until it's been repaired properly or you might have a nasty accident.

robić, stroić miny

Don't pull faces like that if you don't like the food. It's bad manners.

robić scenę, awanturę

Jeff made a scene at the party yesterday. He started shouting and pushing people out of his way.

pod przysięgą

I remind you that you are under oath to tell the truth. Lying under oath can have serious consequencies.

kłębek nerwów

Danny was a bundle of nerves before the race. He couldn't sit still and could hardly speak.

kląć jak szewc

Swearing like a sailor is not allowed in my bar! Customers are asked to speak politely at all times.

ciąg myśli

That phone call disturbed me and I've lost my train of thought. I can't remember what I was just going to do.

śmiertelnie przerażony

I'm scared to death of meeting Jim after all these years. He hit me the last time we met and we haven't spoken since.

na wynos

Are you eating in or would you like your burgers to go? We have a couple of free tables.

bardzo chory

I've been as sick as a dog since I got up. I think those burgers we had yesterday evening weren't fresh and have upset my stomach.

umrzeć, przekręcić się, 'gryźć ziemię'

John was almost ninety when he bit the dust. His funeral was a very sad occasion.

ciekawość to pierwszy stopień do piekła

You shouldn't be so curious about what these guys do for a living. I'm sure you've heard that curiosity killed the cat, so keep your nose out of their business.

pięta Achillesa

I found out what Tom's Achilles heel is. He never comes camping with us because he's afraid of snakes.

zupełnie goły, całkiem nagi

I was stark naked when I came out of the sea. I lost my swimming shorts during a deep dive.

na łożu śmierci

I fear that my husband is at death's door. The doctors say he might not last the night.

czuć to w kościach

I'm sure the weather's going to change to cold and wet. I can feel it in my bones.

czytać między wierszami

As a reporter, I have to read between the lines. The real meaning is often hidden or disguised.

Wstawać! Pobudka!

Rise and shine! You can't stay in bed on Sunday morning when the sun is shining, so get up and come down for breakfast.

zejdź mi z oczu!

If somebody is bothering you, you have the right to tell them to get out of your face and leave you in peace.

wypisane na twarzy

How he really felt was written all over his face. It was plain to see that he was very upset.

coś zupełnie innego

The bike I bought from your website is a far cry from the one shown in the advertisement. Even the colours are different.

biedny jak mysz kościelna

Mrs Green is as poor as a church mouse these days. She can hardly afford to eat.

teraz albo nigdy

It's now or never! We'll never get another chance to ask for his autograph.

nie wiedzieć, czy się śmiać czy płakać

I didn't know whether to laugh or cry when Frank fell in the river. It was so funny, even though it could have been dangerous.

skończyć z nałogiem, rzucić coś

I've tried hard to kick the habit but I'm still smoking about ten cigarettes a day.

zejść na ziemię

It was actually a relief to come back down to earth after being in the same room as my favourite actor. I was so excited that I could barely speak.

jeśli mnie pamięć nie myli

If my memory serves me correctly, I was here with Amy about twenty years ago. I not quite sure, though.

głośno oklaskiwać

Let's give all the contestants a big hand! They all deserve your applause.

stek kłamstw

The article is a pack of lies. There's not a single sentence that's in any way factual.

z rzędu

Heavy rain fell for three days in a row and ruined our long weekend.

podnieść na kogoś rękę

We never raise our hands to our children. We believe that physical punishment is wrong.

zdrowy, krzepki

Granny looked hale and hearty yesterday. She was very pale a month ago when she had the 'flu.

czas, w którym drinki w pubie są sprzedawane taniej

Our local pub has a happy hour between five and six and you can get two pints for the price of one.

grać drugorzędną rolę, pozostawać w cieniu

I refuse to play second fiddle to someone with less experience than me. I'll quit if they don't put me in charge of the project.

dokładać starań, wkładać dużo wysiłku

I see you've taken great pains to prepare for the party. Your attention to detail is amazing.

zamienić z kimś słowo

I wanted to have a word with Mike about this, but he's been too busy to sit down and talk.

zachować twarz

I hear that your report displeased the boss. You'll save face if you accept his comments and offer to do it again.

drobnostka, niedrogi prezent

Don't spend too much on my birthday present. I'll be happy with a little something I can use in the kitchen.

pieskie życie

It's a dog's life working here. I get no respect or thanks no matter how hard I work.

dożyć późnej starości

I hope I live to a grand old age like my father did. He was still active and happy at ninety-five.

twardy, niewzruszony

Don't be fooled by his soft voice. He's as hard as nails and feared by guys twice his size.

łapać stopa, łapać okazję

I missed the last bus but managed to thumb a lift from a lorry driver. He told me he often picked up hitchhikers.

wykręcić komuś numer

I heard that Ken did a number on Pete. He's sold the concert tickets that Pete bought for the two of them.

nie zaciągniesz mnie (tam) nawet końmi; nic mnie nie przekona

Wild horses wouldn't drag me away from Italy now. I like it so much that I'm going to settle here.

być wściekłym

My dad had a face like thunder when he caught me smoking. He was so angry that he frightened me.

stąpać twardo po ziemi

We need someone who has both feet on the ground. My last secretary was a dreamer with a head full of clouds.

wpaść w złe, nieodpowiednie ręce

Police fear that several wooden boxes of guns lost from a ship may fall into the wrong hands and be sold to criminals.

być na ustach wszystkich

The most recent scandal is still on everybody's lips. Everyone I meet is talking about it.

być zakochanym po uszy

Simon is obviously head over heels in love with Julia. He talks about her all the time and sees her almost every day.

pokazywać się, pojawiać

I didn't expect John to show his face. Why has he come to the party when he hasn't spoken to Desmond for months?

przepuścić okazję, stracić szansę

I missed the boat on some bargains at the auction because I left my wallet at home and couldn't pay for anything.

świetnie się bawić

Dorothy called to say she's having the time of her life in Brazil. She says she's never enjoyed a holiday so much.

głuchy jak pień

Please speak more loudly. I'm still as deaf as a post because of an ear infection.

traktować kogoś jak śmiecia

Don't let the boss treat you like dirt. Tell him you deserve some respect and appreciation.

pracować lub uczyć się do późna w nocy

I need a day in bed. I've been burning the midnight oil to get a project finish but I have to stop staying up all night.

na czworakach

You'll have to get down on all fours to find that screw. It's really small, so you'll need your nose close to the floor to see it.

rześki jak skowronek

I feel as fresh as a daisy after that early night. It's nice not to feel tired in the morning.

bardzo się postarać

Remember to shave and change into a clean shirt before the interview. You have to put your best foot forward and make a good impression.

od A do Z; w całości, gruntownie

I respect Mr Wilson as he's a brilliant teacher who knows his subject from A to Z.

swobodny, wyluzowany, luźny

I'm tired of all this stress. I wanted a free and easy lifestyle when I left school.

pod nosem

He said something under his breath so I wasn't able to understand what he said. It was probably something rude about me.

ujawnić, wydobyć na światło dzienne

This report brings to light some unexpected issues which we would never have known without it.

zepsuć coś, źle coś zrobić

You've made a mess of altering your dress. Let me help you to get it right.

nie skrzywdzić nawet muchy

It's true that Dave can be aggressive when he speaks, but he wouldn't hurt a fly. I've never known him to hit anyone no matter how angry he is.

wieczór kawalerski

Don't drink too much beer at the stag party. You have to be fresh for the wedding the next day.

na czyichś oczach

I wouldn't have believed it if I hadn't been there. Nigel threw a brick through her window before my very eyes.

odwrócić się do kogoś plecami

He's not the type to turn his back on you when you have a problem. You can be sure he'll do all he can to help you.

zawiesić buty na kołku

I'm getting too old to do this job well. It's time for me to hang up my spurs and find less stressful work.

znać coś na wylot, znać wszystkie szczegóły czegoś

Jim's the man for this job. He has a lot of experience and knows all the ins and outs of cooling systems.

wprowadzić w życie, zrealizować (projekt)

Are you sure you can make this fly right now? I think you'll have to do a lot more work before your invention is ready for production.

wyborny, wspaniały

The restaurant we're going to has food to die for, but it isn't cheap.

móc swobodnie z czegoś korzystać, mieć dostęp do czegoś

We'll have the run of the house when my parents go on holiday. We'll be able to do whatever we want.

potraktować kogoś oschle

If he turns up at the party, just give him the cold shoulder. You don't have to engage with people you don't like.

zostać oschle potraktowanym

It wasn't fair that Dennis was given the cold shoulder. They shouldn't have ignored him.

trzymać fason

When times are hard, one should keep a stiff upper lip. Pretend that everything's fine so nobody knows that you're struggling in life.

odmówić (czegoś), chwilowo zrezygnować

I'll take a rain check on your offer to go for a meal. I'm extremely busy at the moment, but I'll call you when I have time.

ściany mają uszy

Be careful what you say here. The walls have ears. Somebody might hear what you're saying.

kupić kota w worku

I was so stupid to buy a pig in a poke! I should have checked it before I handed over the money. It's rubbish!

pokajać się

I reckon you'll have to eat humble pie after being so rude to him. Apologize and promise never to do it again.

pies ogrodnika

You shouldn't be a dog in the manger! If you don't need your bike today, let Pamela borrow it! You've got nothing to lose.

nie dawać rady, nie nadawać się

I'm afraid Ron can't cut the mustard yet. He's simply not ready for a place in the first team.

Mowę ci odjęło?

Say something! What's wrong with you? Has the cat got your tongue?

wzdychać do kogoś, podkochiwać się w kimś

Reginald has always carried a torch for his neighbour. He never hesitates to tell people how fine she is.

dolać oliwy do ognia

I lost my job for no good reason, and, to add insult to injury, the social security people wouldn't give me unemployment benefit.

łamać sobie głowę

I've racked my brains out all night, but I still can't figure out what went wrong with the test.

zapowiedź nieszczęścia

Believe me, the writing is on the wall. All the signs are that he'll be out of this job by the end of the week.

iść na całość

He did the full monty. We had everything. A delicious starter, a wonderful main course and a fabulous desert. It was a great meal.

mieć przekichane

You'll be for the high jump if the boss hears about what you did. You'll probably get the sack.

sprawiać, że komuś cieknie ślinka

Just thinking about her cakes makes my mouth water. They're absolutely delicious, and I crave one right now!

strzelić gafę, palnąć coś, wystrzelić z czymś

I put my foot in it yesterday. I told the boss I was pleased to meet his mother, but she was his wife.

mieć bzika na punkcie czegoś

There's no need to have a bee in your bonnet about this. Everything's under control and you don't have to worry about it, so just calm down.

ciasnota, mało miejsca

You can't live in this flat with three children. There's not enough room to swing a cat. You need to find somewhere bigger.

być u granic wytrzymałości, być u kresu sił

John seems to be at the end of his tether. All the criticism about his work is making him extremely anxious, and I expect him to resign soon.

gra skończona; to koniec

It's game over! I won't hear another word on the subject!

powód do dumy

Getting this job would be a feather in your cap. The competition is fierce and success would be remembered for a long time to come.

gwóźdź do trumny

The nail in Alan's coffin was when the manager told the newspapers that he'd lost confidence in his ability to perform under pressure. Alan quit soon after.

zasada oparta na doświadczeniu

As a rule of thumb, add water to the paint until it pours like yoghurt if you're painting over a similar colour. If not, use less water.

pozbyć się kogoś/czegoś

The band will drop you like a hot potato if they find out you're doing drugs. You won't get a second chance.

wylać dziecko z kąpielą

Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater! Think twice before you give up your job on a point of principle, however valid.

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przydatne byłyby ćwiczenia do tego

Czy ktos zna polski odpowiednik idiomu 'hourses for courses'?

Przepraszam BarbaraM87 czy masz te wszystkie idiomy w jakimś pliku?

Brakuje mi dosłownego tłumaczenia danego idiomu.

Szkoda że nie ma takiej opcji - drukuj, bo trudno jest to ogarnąć samemu. :(

czy ma ktoś może ten plik w pdf lub wordzie? i by się podzielił bo nie da się skopiowac:(

Witam, szkoda że nie ma opcji sugestii tłumaczenia poszczególnych idiomów. #16 ups and downs aż się prosi o wzloty i upadki.

idiomy to już wyższa szkoła jazdy.... myślałem że dla mnie już na zawsze pozostaną tajemnica

ja bym "learn by heart" przetłumaczył: wykuć na blachę a
"go for a song" sprzedać za bezcen.

jak bedzie przecedzanie komara polykanie wielblada?
by niepelnosprawny,org

faktycznie mógłby ten wykaz być w nieco wygodniejszej formie ale ogólnie baza na plus i część nie była mi znana

Czy może ktoś przesłać pik w wordzie bądź pdf? w żaden sposób nie mogę skopiować ;/

poprzednia wersja gdzie można było ćwiczyć idiomy z pamięci (bez podpowiedzi-tłumaczenia) była zdecydowanie lepsza ...szkoda że już jej nie ma...

szkoda, że nie dodano tłumaczenia przykładowych zdań z idiomami

Dla mnie wygodnie jest ustawić sobie po prostu auto klikera i słuchać co lektor mówi. Jest wiele patentów, ale trzeba wpaść pierw na to jaki wykorzystać. Oni te słówka mają zapisane w bazie danych, a z bazy danych wiersze można importować. Potem są wyświetlane na stronie za pomocą odpowiednich zapytań. Gdyby tak można by się tam dostać, ale najłatwiej jest z auto klikerem polecam.

cześć wszystkim ! mógłby się ktoś podzielić tymi idiomami w formie pliku w wordzie ? byłabym wdzięczna ! ;)

nie dziala -nie kupuje