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Randka w ciemno, kość niezgody, gwiazdka z nieba, zła passa, promyk nadziei... Jeśli chcecie zabłysnąć znajomością języka nawet przed native speakerami, warto znać na wylot wyrażenia idiomatyczne. Naukę ułatwi nasza obszerna lista z polskimi odpowiednikami i przykładami użycia.

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wybadać, co w trawie piszczy

Keep your ear to the ground and tell me as soon as you learn something new about the company's investments.

mądry Polak po szkodzie

It's easy now for you to say I should have acted differently. Hindsight is always 20-20.

z własnej inicjatywy, na własną rękę

I gave Colin neither help nor advice. He did it all off his own bat.

nudny jak flaki z olejem

This morning's lecture was as dull as ditchwater and I almost fell asleep from boredom. Surely a professor is obliged to present topics in an interesting way.

baba z wozu, koniom lżej; krzyżyk na drogę

So, I hear Rupert has left you? Well, good riddance, I say, because he gave you nothing but trouble.

mieć mieszane uczucia

David has mixed feelings about working abroad. He likes the idea but is worried about being homesick.

zbierać się na odwagę

Someone needs to pluck up courage and tell the boss how you feel about his angry outbursts.

odkładać coś na czarną godzinę

Life has taught me always to save some money for a rainy day. You never know when you'll really need it.

lubić słodycze

My sweet tooth is making me fat! I'm eating way too much cake and chocolate and need to cut down.

rzecz równie ważna / co równie ważne (mimo, że wymieniamy to na końcu)

And, last but not least, I'd like to thank my parents for all the support they've given me over the years.

zaciemniać obraz

You'll muddy the waters if you give them all this information now. Keep your initial explanation simple and tell them more as you proceed.

łatwy cel

Elderly people who walk after dark in dimly lit streets are sitting ducks for pickpockets and street thieves.

pracować za marne grosze

I'm sick of working for peanuts! You should pay me a reasonable wage that reflects my experience.

kasa jest pusta; lodówka jest pusta

The cupboard is bare right now. I can't take you for that meal I promised you until I get paid.

palić opium lub heroinę

I caught my son chasing the dragon! He was burning heroin on aluminium foil and sucking the smoke up through a small tube.

odnieść duży sukces; wygrać los na loterii, zgarnąć całą pulę wygranych

John expects to hit the jackpot with his new business venture. He's certain he'll make a lot of money quickly.

wisielczy humor

I don't like gallows humour. There's nothing funny about tragedy.

gorączka złota, chęć zarobku

The gold rush towards ever-better technology is making a lot of people very rich.

mieć depresję, mieć 'doła'

James has been down in the dumps since he lost his job. What can we do to cheer him up?

zachowywać poważną minę

I couldn't keep a straight face when the boss lectured us about punctuality. He's always ten or fifteen minutes late to the office.

kiedy kaktus mi tu wyrośnie

No way! Next time I'll talk to her is when hell freezes over!

niezła sumka

I hear you made a pretty penny at the casino last week. How much did you win?

poczynać sobie beztrosko (z kimś, czymś)

He plays ducks and drakes with his money, wasting it on stuff he doesn't need.

obrzucić kogoś błotem

This newspaper is happy to sling mud at anyone in public life if the editor thinks that sales will rise as a result.

Zamykamy! (w pubie)

Time, please! The bar's closed and the staff would like to go home.

z głębi serca

I would like to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all your help.

jednorazowy, chwilowy sukces

Let's hope his recent success wasn't a flash in the pan and that he goes on to even greater achievement.

z własnej woli, inicjatywy

Joe didn't get the sack. He left of his own accord to take a better job.

mieć widoki na powodzenie, mieć szansę coś osiągnąć

We didn't stand a chance with three of our best players missing. We lost by four goals.

myśleć o własnej korzyści; mieć własny interes na uwadze

Gregory has an eye for the main chance and rarely misses a good opportunity to make some money.

pilnować własnego nosa, interesu

I'd be grateful if you'd mind your own business and stop asking me so many personal questions.

być wtajemniczonym w coś, być zorientowanym

The team needs someone who is in the know on these matters. Peter has a lot of experience in investment property.

nierówno, nieregularnie, zrywami

Construction of the new road has been going on in fits and starts for three years. Why does the work stop so often, sometimes for several weeks?

zakomunikować komuś przykrą wiadomość

I had the unpleasant duty of breaking the news of John's death to his wife.

mieć duszę na ramieniu; drżeć ze strachu

I had my heart in my mouth as I watched the climbers approach the top of the cliff. The tension made it difficult for me to breathe.

stracić nadzieję

Don't let this problem make you lose heart. You can find the determination to carry on.

mieć dobre serce

Ellen can be quite demanding, but her heart is in the right place. She wants the best for everyone.

spaść na cztery łapy

Jake has landed on his feet after losing his job. He's got a new position with a company car provided.

nie pisnę ani słowa

I won't tell anyone you love Henrietta. My lips are sealed, I promise.

zmyć komuś głowę

Expect the boss to bite your head off if he finds out what you've done. He gets really angry when people lie to him.

ile dusza zapragnie

The beer was so cheap that we could drink to our heart's content every day. It was a great holiday and we were permanently drunk.

być jedną nogą w grobie

He lives life as though he had one foot in the grave, but his doctors say he's very healthy for his age. He's probably just lonely.

Nie ma tego złego, co by na dobre nie wyszło

Len's story proves that every cloud has a silver lining. He's had two books published since his business went bust because he finally had time to concentrate on his writing.

stchórzyć, rozmyślić się

We were ready to sign the contract when Bill got cold feet and decided to pull out of the deal.

duża odprawa

Sam got a golden handshake that will allow him to live well in retirement. It was a large amount because he'd been with the company for forty years.

przenośnia; zwrot, wyrażenie retoryczne

When I said it was a battle to the death, it was just a figure of speech. I simply meant that we should expect serious competition from the other retailers.

ranny ptaszek

My father is an early bird and is always up before daybreak.

czarna owca (w rodzinie)

They say I'm the black sheep of the family because, unlike my three brothers, I didn't go to university and spent years in dead-end jobs.

zielony z zazdrości

Mark was green with envy when he saw my new car. He's always wanted the same model but never had the money to buy one.

kolumna z poradami dla czytelników

I love to read the agony columns in teenage magazines. Their problems are sometimes weird beyond belief.

niewinne kłamstewko

A white lie might be fine in this situation. Robert is really upset, and the truth would hurt him even more.

wściec się

I saw red when I discovered my girlfriend was seeing another guy. I felt like punching him in the head.

Nowy Jork

I'm planning to visit the Big Apple this year. It's always been my dream to go to New York.

wrabiać kogoś; zostać wrobionym

The main suspect claims he's been framed by a private detective who has lied to the police to get him convicted.

przepraszam za wyrażenie

Excuse my French, but I must say that Phillip is a real dick.

knajpa z tanim żarciem, garkuchnia

I know a greasy spoon not far away that serves the best full-English breakfast I've ever had. It isn't pretty but it's really cheap.

świetnie się dogadywać

Tom and Jerry get on like a house on fire. They've been friends for years.

chodzić na wagary

I was shocked to find out that Ben has been playing truant for months. His headmaster says he misses several lessons each week.

rozgościć się

Please make yourself at home while I make coffee. I'll be with you in a few minutes.

zagotować się ze złości, wściec się

There's no need to get hot under the collar. Just calm down and I'll explain what happened.

przymknąć na coś oko; udawać, że się nie widzi czegoś

I was lucky this morning. A policeman saw me park on double yellow lines, but he turned a blind eye.

bezradny jak dziecko

With your experience, you should have got the job instead of Jack. He's a babe in the woods compared to you.

strzał w ciemno, na chybił trafił

This should take us about three hours, but that's just a shot in the dark. It's hard to be certain how long we'll be here.

dolewać oliwy do ognia

Don't add fuel to the fire by talking about this now. Wait until everyone has calmed down.

ktoś, kto preferuje siedzący tryb życia, cały dzień siedzi na kanapie, je chipsy i ogląda telewizję ;-)

Don't be a couch potato! Get off the sofa and come for a walk with us!

bez recepty

Which is the strongest painkiller I can buy over the counter? I don't have time to see my doctor and get a prescription.

zagłaskać kota na śmierć

She's trying to please everyone so much that you feel she could kill you with kindness.

przeżywać dobry, pomyślny okres; być "na fali"

Joe's on the crest of a wave at the moment. His business is doing well and he's just got engaged to Helen.

robić, załatwiać sprawunki

I spent all morning running errands, so I have to rest before we go for lunch.

podporządkować się

You really must toe the line! You can't work here unless you follow company policy.

robić coś spontanicznie, bez planu, improwizować

Sometimes it's best to play it by ear rather than have everything planned in advance.

być czymś zainteresowanym, lubić coś

Phil is really into this band. He has all their albums and hasn't yet missed a concert.

zmyć się po cichu, ulotnić się

I always make myself scarce when the sales manager is in a bad mood. I once hid in the washroom for an hour.

być na czyichś usługach

I suspect that Edward is in the pay of our main competitor. How else could they have got this information?

policzek (obraza, afront)

Missing out on a promotion was a slap in the face for Tom after his years of loyalty and hard work.

przezywać kogoś

It's normal that children call each other names when they're upset, but what your son said to my daughter is unacceptable.

to twój problem, nie mój

You'll put on weight if you keep eating so much cake, but it's your funeral.

dać chodu, uciec

We'd better leg it before somebody sees us. They might think that we broke the window.

dowiedzieć się o czymś pocztą pantoflową

You should't believe everything you hear on the grapevine. A lot of it is meaningless gossip.

dobrze (komuś) tak; dostać za swoje

It will serve you right if she never speaks to you again. You were extremely rude to her and deserve her condemnation.

pójść na marne

My plans for the weekend have gone up in smoke. My boss just phoned to ask me to cover for a sick colleague.

Wypchaj się! Pogięło cię?

You want to borrow more money before you've paid me what you owe? Get stuffed! You must think I'm stupid.

zakopać topór wojenny, pogodzić się

We need to bury the hatchet and discuss this calmly. We'll get nowhere by shouting at each other.

pozbierać się

It took Mary a long time to pick up the pieces after her divorce, but she's doing well these days.

ukarać surowo; zasądzić najwyższy wymiar kary

The police have threatened to throw the book at me if I don't cooperate. They say I could end up in prison.

błędne koło

He thinks he's a failure so he drinks. The more he drinks, the more he fails. It's a vicious circle.

nie śpieszyć się, robić coś powoli

Don't rush to make a decision. Take your time and make sure it's the right one for you.

mieć ostatnie słowo

Why do you always insist on having the last word? Other people's opinions should be considered fairly.

wziąć coś pod uwagę

Remember to take his age into account when deciding what kind of work to give him.


I'm the blue-eyed boy in the eyes of my boss. For him, I can do no wrong.

być zdrowym

Take a few days off if you feel unwell and rest until you are back in the pink.

dla odmiany

We always go to the seaside at Easter. Can we go somewhere else for a change?

nie moja bajka (nie lubię tego, nie interesuje mnie to)

I don't like heavy metal music. It's not my scene so I never listen to it.

zakochać się

I fell for Maria as soon as I saw her and still love her madly.

zabijać czas

I'm just killing time at the moment until I get my exam results, then I'll be busy looking for a job.

mieć złote serce

Mr Brown has a heart of gold and often helps elderly people in the area where he lives.

Łapy precz!

Hands off those chocolates! They're my birthday present from Peter and I'm not opening them until later.

jednym słowem, krótko mówiąc

In a word, I'm bored. Is that simple enough for you to understand?

rzut beretem

Mick has bought a house a stone's throw from the sea. His garden path leads to the edge of the cliffs.

Czas się skończył!

Time's up! Stop writing and hand in your papers to Mr Robinson. I hope the test wasn't too difficult.

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przydatne byłyby ćwiczenia do tego

Czy ktos zna polski odpowiednik idiomu 'hourses for courses'?

Przepraszam BarbaraM87 czy masz te wszystkie idiomy w jakimś pliku?

Brakuje mi dosłownego tłumaczenia danego idiomu.

Szkoda że nie ma takiej opcji - drukuj, bo trudno jest to ogarnąć samemu. :(

czy ma ktoś może ten plik w pdf lub wordzie? i by się podzielił bo nie da się skopiowac:(

Witam, szkoda że nie ma opcji sugestii tłumaczenia poszczególnych idiomów. #16 ups and downs aż się prosi o wzloty i upadki.

idiomy to już wyższa szkoła jazdy.... myślałem że dla mnie już na zawsze pozostaną tajemnica

ja bym "learn by heart" przetłumaczył: wykuć na blachę a
"go for a song" sprzedać za bezcen.

jak bedzie przecedzanie komara polykanie wielblada?
by niepelnosprawny,org

faktycznie mógłby ten wykaz być w nieco wygodniejszej formie ale ogólnie baza na plus i część nie była mi znana

Czy może ktoś przesłać pik w wordzie bądź pdf? w żaden sposób nie mogę skopiować ;/

poprzednia wersja gdzie można było ćwiczyć idiomy z pamięci (bez podpowiedzi-tłumaczenia) była zdecydowanie lepsza ...szkoda że już jej nie ma...

szkoda, że nie dodano tłumaczenia przykładowych zdań z idiomami

Dla mnie wygodnie jest ustawić sobie po prostu auto klikera i słuchać co lektor mówi. Jest wiele patentów, ale trzeba wpaść pierw na to jaki wykorzystać. Oni te słówka mają zapisane w bazie danych, a z bazy danych wiersze można importować. Potem są wyświetlane na stronie za pomocą odpowiednich zapytań. Gdyby tak można by się tam dostać, ale najłatwiej jest z auto klikerem polecam.

cześć wszystkim ! mógłby się ktoś podzielić tymi idiomami w formie pliku w wordzie ? byłabym wdzięczna ! ;)

nie dziala -nie kupuje