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Randka w ciemno, kość niezgody, gwiazdka z nieba, zła passa, promyk nadziei... Jeśli chcecie zabłysnąć znajomością języka nawet przed native speakerami, warto znać na wylot wyrażenia idiomatyczne. Naukę ułatwi nasza obszerna lista z polskimi odpowiednikami i przykładami użycia.

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nauczyć się na pamięć

I have to learn this poem by heart. How can I memorize so many verses in three days?

jak najbardziej, oczywiście

By all means come and see me when you've made up your mind.

raz na zawsze

We must settle this issue once and for all and move on to the next stage of the project.

nie działać

The coffee machine is out of order again. When will it be repaired?

przez wzgląd na

I'll explain this again for the sake of those who missed the first lesson.

pojść na skróty

We can take a shortcut through the park to save time.

nabierać, drażnić się

I thought Jed was serious when he told me he'd bought a Rolls Royce, but he was only pulling my leg. He bought a Ford.

owijać w bawełnę, unikać przejścia do sedna sprawy

Stop beating about the bush and tell me straight! What's the problem?

sprzedawać się jak gorące bułeczki

The new mp3 players are selling like hot cakes and we'll soon have to order some more.

rok przerwy pomiędzy szkołą średnią a studiami, podczas którego podróżuje się i zdobywa doświadczenie

I'm thinking about taking a gap year before I go to university, and spending the break working abroad.

wstać lewą nogą

The boss is in a really bad mood. He must have got up on the wrong side of the bed.

dodawać sobie otuchy, udawać odważnego

I pretend that everything is okay, but I'm whistling in the dark. I know I have a lot of problems needing to be dealt with urgently.

człowiek niewrażliwy, chłodny emocjonalnie

You'd have to be a cold fish not to cry at the end of the film I saw yesterday.

kropla w morzu

The money we've received from the local council is a drop in the ocean. We have to find a great deal more funding.

oświadczyć się

I hear that Mark has finally popped the question and will marry Jane next year.


I was so nervous about asking Jean for a date that I chickened out and started talking about furniture design instead.

w siódmym niebie

I've never seen Helen so happy. She's been on cloud nine since she met Michael.

w głębi duszy

Trevor can be quite impatient and occasionally rude, but he's a good guy at heart.


You're simply suggesting figures at random. I need to know exactly how much and why!

w ostatniej chwili

Please try to organise days off in advance and not ask for permission at such short notice.

mieć coś pod ręką

I need to have all my tools at my fingertips. I hate losing time by looking for things in other places.

w ostatniej chwili

We hate changing our plans at the eleventh hour, just before we set off on a trip.

gadać o niczym

She can sit with her friend for hours doing nothing but shooting the breeze!

na razie

You'll have to use this office for the time being, until we've prepared a bigger one for you.


I couldn't finish this work in a month of Sundays. It's too much for one person and I'll need help.

w złym guście

Most of his jokes were in bad taste. Several members of the audience walked out in disgust.

być w rozterce, wahać się

It's a tough decision. I'm in two minds about buying a house because our flat is really nice.

być na antenie

My favourite radio programme is on the air right now, so please call later.

zejść z anteny

That radio programme you recommended was halfway through when it suddenly went off the air. How did it end?

wyprzedany, niedostępny

I've checked in the warehouse, but that kettle is out of stock. Would you like me to order it?

rzucić kogoś na głęboką wodę

I'm sorry to throw you in at the deep end without any training, but I'm sure you'll be able to do it.

bardzo się różnić, nie mieć ze sobą nic wspólnego

The city centre is worlds apart from the quiet village I used to live in.

wierzchołek góry lodowej

This problem is the tip of the iceberg. There is worse to come in the near future.

niech się dzieje, co chce

I'll buy new bikes for the kids, come what may. Nothing will stop me getting them.

przede wszystkim

First and foremost, we need better sleeping bags when camping in October. The tent is good enough.

pogodzić się z czymś

I know it's hard to come to terms with a death in the family, but you have to accept it and move on.

w Anglii - drugi dzień Świąt Bożego Narodzenia

Boxing Day is so called because visiting Christmas guests packed their presents on this day before returning home after the festivities.

świetnie się bawić (zwykle chodząc od baru do baru)

I'm getting too old to paint the town red these days, but I did go out on wild nights of drinking and dancing in my twenties.

denerwować, drażnić

His arrogant attitude really puts my back up. I can't stand the way he treats us.

nazywać rzeczy po imieniu

David told the boss exactly what he thought of him. He isn't afraid to call a spade a spade.

przestać coś robić, przyhamować z czymś

We've not much money coming in, so we'd better put the brakes on dining out and eat at home instead.

z zapartym tchem

The room fell silent as we waited for the results with bated breath.

porządny, solidny posiłek

I've been eating fast food all week and I really need a square meal like granny used to cook.


Some give-and-take will be needed if we are to agree on a way forward.

zgotować komuś piekło; dać komuś wycisk

My trainer put me through hell to get me ready for the race. It was hard, but worth it.

przybić piątkę

I don't like it when someone asks me to give them five. I prefer an old-fashioned handshake or a pat on the back.

być sensownym, trzymać się kupy

Your reasoning simply doesn't hold water. You're completely wrong on every point.


He offered me hush money to keep quiet, but I refused it and reported the matter to the police.

odszczekać coś, przyznać się do błędu

I'm going to win the race and make all my critics eat their words.

strój Adama

I forgot to lock the bathroom door and my mum saw me in my birthday suit as I was getting out of the bath.

wygłosić przemówienie, zabrać głos

I was extremely surprised when the boss asked me to take the floor and talk about the new factory. The conference room was full of experts.

żywe odbicie, ktoś uderzająco podobny do innej osoby

Mick is the spitting image of one of our teachers. He even wears similar clothes.

brzask, świt

I've been up since the crack of dawn. The birds were still asleep when I got out of bed.

znać jak własną kieszeń

We won't get lost. I've been here many times and know the area like the back of my hand.

zupełnie trzeźwy, trzeźwy jak świnia

Everyone else got drunk but I left the party as sober as a judge.

nadstawiać karku, narażać się

I'm sticking my neck out in supporting you. I hope you appreciate the risks I'm taking on your behalf.

wyjść z siebie, wściec się

Jeff tends to fly off the handle if you criticize his work. He usually shouts and throws things around the room.

rozwodzić się nad czymś, wałkować coś

I understand. There's no need to labour the point for another five minutes.

gruba ryba, szycha

This guy is said to be a big noise in drug trafficking. The police have been after him for a long time.

wciskać gaz do dechy, palić gumy

You'll have to burn rubber if you want to catch that train, but be careful of the traffic police. They hand out big fines to speeding motorists.

nie obchodzić, nie interesować

Nobody gives a toss what you think. You lost our respect months ago.

łatwo przyszło, łatwo poszło

We quickly spent all the money we won at the casino. Never mind! Easy come, easy go!

trzymać kciuki

Keep your fingers crossed for me! I'll need all the luck I can get.

bez cienia wątpliwości

He's the best person for the job, without a shadow of a doubt. Selecting another would be a serious mistake.

z góry przesądzone

Colin's getting the promotion was a foregone conclusion. He's the president's son, so we knew how it would go.

przejść do sedna

It will save all of us time if you get straight to the point. We don't need every little detail.

wbić komuś nóż w plecy

They all seem nice, but any one of them would stab you in the back to get what they want. You shouldn't trust them.

dziecinnie proste

The exam was dead easy! I thought it was going to be hard.

twardy orzech do zgryzienia

I had no experience in this field, so I knew the solution would be a tough nut to crack.

wystarczająco dobry, spełniający wymogi

The quality of the paintwork is not up to scratch. The customers expect better than this.

zdrowy (po chorobie)

It's great to see you back on your feet after your long illness. I see you're already busy in the garden.

w szczerym polu, na końcu świata, na odludziu

Our house is in the middle of nowhere with no neighbours for miles around. We like peace and quiet.

na odludziu, poza utartym szlakiem

The restaurant does well even though it's off the beaten track. We've got lost a few times trying to get there.

zasięgnąć rady (kogoś, kto się zna na temacie), skonsultować coś

That new guy is always picking my brains. Doesn't he have any ideas of his own?

'przykurzony' (o umiejętnościach, znajomości np. języka, itp.)

I haven't spoken French for years, so it's still a bit rusty. I hope to remember more as the days go by.

załapać, np. jak coś działa lub na czym polega

This might be difficult at first, but you'll quickly get the hang of it and be able to operate the machine by yourself.

na końcu języka

Her name was on the tip of my tongue all through the meeting, but I remembered after she'd left.

wylecieć z pamięci

How could such an important date have slipped your mind? You should remember your anniversary.


I didn't mean to offend her but my slip of the tongue reminded her of the hard time she's having.

strzelić sobie w stopę

I've shot myself in the foot by demanding a pay rise. I'll probably lose my job.

namieszać, pogorszyć sprawę; zaburzyć porządek

Try not to rock the boat regarding this issue. Just agree with the boss and wait to see how things develop.

nie zrozumieć, o co w czymś chodzi; nie zrozumieć sedna sprawy

I think you've missed the point. This is about loyalty and not about money.

być nadzianym

I'll pay for the meal! I've been loaded since I sold my flat and still have plenty in the bank.

pasażer bez przerwy pouczający kierowcę samochodu

I don't need a backseat driver. I can navigate these roundabouts without your help.

guzdrała, ślamazara

Jed has always been a slowcoach. He'll take twice as long as someone else to finish a job.

przeczytać coś od deski do deski

This novel was so thrilling that I read it from cover to cover in one evening.

konieczność (koniecznie trzeba zobaczyć, przeczytać, etc.)

Seeing this film is a must! Everyone says they're glad they watched it.

cięta, złośliwa uwaga

He doesn't care just how much his cutting remarks upset his victims. They're often simply vicious.

źródło problemu

We need to get to the root of the problem. We know the results, but how does the problem start?


Mike is a man of few words. He only speaks when he feels he must.

pracować bez wytchnienia

I can't give up now. I have to keep my nose to the grindstone and get this finished. Then I'll be able to relax.

mieć związane ręce

My hands are tied on this matter. I can't say anything about it until after the minister speaks later today.

cięty język

Maria has a sharp tongue at times and many are surprised at how bluntly she can express an opinion.

nie wywołuj wilka z lasu

Don't start talking about how much trouble Dan caused us last year. Let sleeping dogs lie, and say nothing.

w dobrej wierze

I have acted in good faith, believing that my efforts were in the best interests of everyone.

mieć ciastko i zjeść ciastko

Tell him he can't have his cake and eat it! If he wants to live here, he has to pay!

oddawać komuś sprawiedliwość

Mike's not very sociable but, to give him his due, you can always count on him.

wtykać nos

She's always poking her nose into other people's business.

w międzyczasie

I'll be back in few minutes. In the interim, please read the extract from the novel.

zaostrzać apetyt

The trip was marvellous. We had a great time and the whole experience whetted our appetite for further travel.

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przydatne byłyby ćwiczenia do tego

Czy ktos zna polski odpowiednik idiomu 'hourses for courses'?

Przepraszam BarbaraM87 czy masz te wszystkie idiomy w jakimś pliku?

Brakuje mi dosłownego tłumaczenia danego idiomu.

Szkoda że nie ma takiej opcji - drukuj, bo trudno jest to ogarnąć samemu. :(

czy ma ktoś może ten plik w pdf lub wordzie? i by się podzielił bo nie da się skopiowac:(

Witam, szkoda że nie ma opcji sugestii tłumaczenia poszczególnych idiomów. #16 ups and downs aż się prosi o wzloty i upadki.

idiomy to już wyższa szkoła jazdy.... myślałem że dla mnie już na zawsze pozostaną tajemnica

ja bym "learn by heart" przetłumaczył: wykuć na blachę a
"go for a song" sprzedać za bezcen.

jak bedzie przecedzanie komara polykanie wielblada?
by niepelnosprawny,org

faktycznie mógłby ten wykaz być w nieco wygodniejszej formie ale ogólnie baza na plus i część nie była mi znana

Czy może ktoś przesłać pik w wordzie bądź pdf? w żaden sposób nie mogę skopiować ;/

poprzednia wersja gdzie można było ćwiczyć idiomy z pamięci (bez podpowiedzi-tłumaczenia) była zdecydowanie lepsza ...szkoda że już jej nie ma...

szkoda, że nie dodano tłumaczenia przykładowych zdań z idiomami

Dla mnie wygodnie jest ustawić sobie po prostu auto klikera i słuchać co lektor mówi. Jest wiele patentów, ale trzeba wpaść pierw na to jaki wykorzystać. Oni te słówka mają zapisane w bazie danych, a z bazy danych wiersze można importować. Potem są wyświetlane na stronie za pomocą odpowiednich zapytań. Gdyby tak można by się tam dostać, ale najłatwiej jest z auto klikerem polecam.

cześć wszystkim ! mógłby się ktoś podzielić tymi idiomami w formie pliku w wordzie ? byłabym wdzięczna ! ;)

nie dziala -nie kupuje