go out – tłumaczenie phrasal verb

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go out

phrasal verb z czasownikiem go
  1. zgasnąć, wyłączyć się

    I was in the middle of my ironing when the lights went out. Probably the wind has caused some damage to power lines.

    The power has gone off again! I'll not get this work finished today.

    We live miles from anywhere and the electricity goes off quite frequently.

  2. wychodzić, spotykać się z ludźmi

    We don't often get the chance to go out since Micky was born.

    Come on, it's time we went out and saw something other than these four walls.

    I love to go out on Saturday night. I can wear my best clothes and flirt with the guys.

  3. wyjść

    John has just gone out. He'll be back in an hour or so.

    We had already gone out when Cliff and Susan called round.

    Let's not go out. The weather's awful and I'm tired.

  4. chodzić ze sobą, spotykać się
    go out (with somebody)

    I hear that Jack and Jill are still going out. They're a lovely couple.

    Molly and Brian are going out together! I thought they hated each other.

    Any idea why Mary refuses to go out with me? I've asked her several times.

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