Słownictwo angielskie ćwiczenia – poziom B1


Choose the word that fits the context.

Wybierz słowo, które pasuje do kontekstu.

  1. The boss is an idiot but we get   money when we work on Saturday and Sunday.

  2. Why is this room so  ?

  3. I can't decide which   to plant in this field next year.

  4. It's a lovely   but we'll need to spend a lot of money before we can live in it.

  5. Have you decided on a   for the Halloween party?

  1. How can you   in here? Open a window!

  2. Dad will be upset if you   him while he's working.

  3. We always go to the   festival.

  4. Is there a lot of   around here? I've just bought a house near the town centre.

  5. We can keep chickens in the   and get fresh eggs every day.

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Choose the word that fits the context.
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