Słownictwo angielskie ćwiczenia – poziom B1


Choose the word that fits the context.

Wybierz słowo, które pasuje do kontekstu.

  1. Let's go to the   tomorrow and see all the animals.

  2. I've been doing   for six months and I feel great.

  3. The artist spent his   in South America.

  4. Change your   every day in case you ever have to go into hospital.

  5. The company hasn't done well this year,   some workers will lose their jobs.

  1. Cold beer is a great drink when you're  .

  2. You have to   the sauce as you boil it or you will get lumps in it.

  3. What are your plans when you   from work?

  4. Jed isn't   as a coach but he's a lot better than many who have diplomas.

  5. You'd do better in life if you had a more   attitude.

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Choose the word that fits the context.
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