Słownictwo angielskie ćwiczenia – poziom B1


Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.

Wybierz właściwe słowo, żeby uzupełnić zdanie.

  1. That's an absolutely   bottle of champagne!

  2. Colin at work bought me a lovely   of flowers for my birthday.

  3. I think we'll win the   this year if we're lucky.

  4. Aren't you   to know how my job interview went?

  5. I have no   our new business will be a success.

  1. What kind of jam would you like in the  ?

  2. How old is your   child?

  3. I'm   after all that work. I'm going to bed for a while.

  4. Please be   when you measure how much carpet we need.

  5. I'm going up to sit on the   and read a book.

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Choose the correct word to complete the sentence.
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