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Polecenie: Type in words from the list to complete the sentences.
poziom ćwiczenia: intermediate

Słownik tematyczny: Słownictwo angielskie - poziom średniozaawansowany B1 (zdjęcia i wymowa)

  1. There's still far too much in the world.

  2. Please the boxes of the points you agree with.

  3. Please buy a of toothpaste on your way home from work.

  4. The government has plans for new roads around several towns.

  5. My were not very popular with other members of the group.

  6. When will the meet to approve the plans?

  7. There is no to the building from the back, only from the front.

  8. The to borrowing is to wait to see if I get a pay rise.

  9. The products are into seven categories on this list.

  10. Mr Potter to answer my questions in yesterday's meeting.

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