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1901-1950 z 2565
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to convey smoothly (as) through air or along water. unosić się A waft of the blossom on the trees drifted through the room, much to my delight.


a machine which carries out banking transaction automatically. bankomat Bill payments and loans repayments can be made through an ATM. I'm broke. We'll have to swing by the ATM to pick up some cash.


transmission from one, usu. smaller computer to another computer. From an internet user's point-of-view, uploading is sending a file to a computer that is set up to receive it.


A communications driver that enables a computer to transmit information over a standard telephone line The term "modem" comes from "modulate/demodulate". Modems are needed to convert digital to analog and vice versa.


working with discrete electrical signals representing binary 1 and binary 0


carrying a signal that can have any of a large number of variations


a particular way to store information on a computer. Special programs may be required to read certain formats.

internet provider

organization that makes it possible for one to get onto the internet, portal There is a wide range of Internet service providers.


pertains to any computer device or program that makes a computer capable of displaying and manipulating pictures, or the images themselves. Dude! Check out the graphics in this game! Unreal or what? I skimped on my graphics card so I'm afraid streaming video comes in freezeframe stutters.


a hand-held, portable microcomputer designed to be used on the go. minikomputer A palm-top can serve as an address book, phone book, calendar, dictionary, calculator, etc. Is it the numerous functions of palmtops or their status-symbol value that makes them so popular among business people?


software specifically designed for educational use. komputerowe programy do nauki Courseware designed to help people learn foreign languages has become very popular.


Computer-Assisted Language Learning; responsive and corrective computer programs designed to help students of a foreign language learn and improve integrated communication skills interactively. Some say CALL will eventually put English teachers in the unemployment line. Do you buy that?

an ebook

an electronic book is a digital book that you can read on a computer screen. Some e-books can be read on a device such as a Palm or other handheld computer. The prediction that ebooks will rid the world of paper has yet to be fulfilled.

a pbook

The term used by the digital world to describe books in the print form. While e-books are digital, p-books are the traditional, printed and bound type.


a cache (pronounced CASH) is a place to store something more or less temporarily. pamięć cache Web pages you request are stored in your browser's cache directory on your hard disk. When you return to a page you've recently looked at, the browser can get it from the cache rather than the original server, saving you time and the network the burden o

a cdrom

Compact Disk - Read Only Media; can contain vast amounts of information (over 600Mb) accessible via a PC providing it contains a CD-ROM Drive. Can I borrow a few of these CD-ROM encyclopedias? We're hoping to put our new dictionary out as a CDROM as well as a p-book.

a speech sythesizer

a computerized approximation of human vocal patterns. Early speech synthesizers sounded pretty freaky but these days they're really not too shabby.

a glitch

a technical error; system hold-up. zawieszanie się komputera Glitches are a common source of frustration for people working with computers.


(both n. And v.) a duplicate copy of a program, disk, or data, made either for archiving purposes or for safeguarding valuable files from loss should the active copy be damaged or destroyed. Thank God we made backups of all that data! We'd be in real trouble otherwise!


(both n. and v.) electronic mail; a quick and easy method of sending a short or long text message to friends and colleagues and a vehicle for file attachments such as documents, photos, etc. poczta elektroniczna I just got a really creepy e-mail from this guy I met in Lisbon last summer. I'll email those figures to you later I don't have them on me right now.

snail mail

(both n. and v.) the traditional, much slower but physical sending of post. I'll FAX you a copy now, then snail-mail the original; it should reach you by Wednesday.

to burn a cd

to make a copy of data onto a recordable, blank compact disc. Most of his CDs were pirate copies he had burned himself at work. If you're interested in any of these I can burn copies for you, no problem


A generic term for a computer subsystem. Printers, serial ports, and disk drives are often referred to as devices. Subsystems frequently require their own controlling software

device driver

A software component that permits a computer system to communicate with a device. A printer driver is a device driver that translates computer data into a form understood by the intended printer.


an error in hardware or software. This program still has a couple of bugs in it. I think we've ironed out all the bugs.


for Portable Document Format; developed by Adobe Systems, PDF allows documents to appear on your computer just as they would in print. Many of the EU's "White Papers" can be downloaded from the web as PDF files.

digital camera

A camera that stores images digitally rather than recording them on film. Once a picture has been taken, it can be downloaded to a computer system, manipulated with a graphics program, and posted on the internet, e-mailed to friends and relatives, or printed. My brother won a digital camera in a raffle at the company picnic. Some say digital cameras are all the rage but I still prefer good, oldfashioned 35mm.


An organized list of instructions that, when executed, causes the computer to behave in a predetermined manner. Programs are specific sets of ordered operations for a computer to perform. Without programs, computers are useless.


the sudden failure of a software application or operating system or of a hardware device. I was just putting the finishing touches on my research paper when my hard disk crashed! Back up your work periodically. You never know when the system might crash.


The process of copying a file from the Internet onto your hard drive. The length of time needed to download a file depends on its size and the speed of your computer's modem (not to mention the capacity of local phone lines). Damn! This file is taking forever and a day to download! I'm ready to give up!

hard disk

part of a unit, often called a "disk drive," "hard drive," or "hard disk drive," that stores and provides relatively quick access to large amounts of data on an electromagnetically charged surface or set of surfaces. Your home directory is on the IFA server, not the local hard drive.


short for application program, sth designed to help people perform a certain type of work. Examples of applications include word processors, database programs, and web browsers. Development tools, drawing, paint, and image editing programs, and communication programs are also examples of applications.

bells and whistles

unnec. but attractive extras; features added to a system or program only to enhance a product's marketability. Due to high competition in computer technology, manufacturers are becoming increasingly creative in inventing various bells and whistles to make their products more attractive.

to boot up

to start or "regenerate" each time you turn your computer on. Something's not right. I'm going to re-boot.


a person who is extremely good at something, geniusz, specjalista w danej dziedzinie If you don't understand geometry ask Mary, she's a whiz at math and I'm sure she will help you. My brother is a computer whiz, he knows everything about it.


Of poor quality. His shoddy research resulted in him failing his PhD.


to gain access to the contents of a computer's memory without permission, hakerstwo Hacking is illegal and you can get jailed for breaking into somebody's programs. Hackers need to be careful since they may be easily caught while modifying a program.


Computer Aided Design: use of computers to design cars, buildings, etc., komputerowo wspomagane projektowanie This company was the first to use CAD programs to design aircraft.


a mineral containing a metal or some other substance for which it is mined, ruda They were overjoyed when they found a major vein of platinum ore.

water purification plant

plant in which waste water is purified to be used again, or to avoid pollution, oczyszczalnia ścieków They built a new water purification plant outside the city.


produce exact copies of sth, wykonać replikę czegoś The drug prevents the virus from replicating itself.


existing since or before birth, choroba wrodzona Doctors say cancer is a congenital disease.


the complete set of genes in a cell, Scientists have managed to map the human genome.


instrument or tool intended for a certain function, urządzenie A computer is a wonderful device.


failure to function normally, niesprawność sprzętu A malfunction of the computer has been detected.


three letter ending of a computer file, rozszerzenie The extension for documents is "DOC."


grayish metal made by mixing lead and tin, stop cynowy She has a lot of jewelry made of pure pewter.


smokeless explosive made from nitro glycerin and guncotton, kordyt The army uses cordite to blow up bridges.


a very good copy, kopia, replika Scientists are trying to make replicas of certain genes.


far reaching effect, następstwo No one knows what the repercussions of genetic engineering will be.
1901-1950 z 2565
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Dużo "literówek" i kilka poważniejszych błędów.

nursery school - oznacza również ŻŁOBEK (tak podaje słownik Cambridge), kindergarten - tłumaczy się jako PRZEDSZKOLE.

Jeśli dla niektórych z Państwa brak polskiego tłumaczenia, to co robicie na tym dziale, skoro jest to dla studentów filologii? Skoro student filologii jest poziomu B2/C1 powinien, jak nie musi, być w stanie zrozumieć znaczenie
z kontekstu. Jeśli znów rozchodzi się o wymowę, to jakim problemem jest wejść na stronę słownika takiego jak, longman, czy oxford, wpisać słowo i przeczytać transkrypcję/odsłuchać wymowę? Wystarczy odrobinę pomyśleć i odpowiedź się sama nasunie. ;) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Na jaki poziomie są te słówka ? Czy ich znajomość jest potrzebna do zdawania CAE ?

Wielka szkoda że, nie ma możliwości wydruku w pdf...

No właśnie w pdf by się przydało ;)

ma ktoś te wszystkie słówka w PDF ??

Zdania w przykładach są proste, co tu tłumaczyć? Zwłaszcza na tym poziomie. Ja bym raczej poprosiła o wymowę słówek. Czasem akcent albo głoska wymówiona nie tak -i klapa. Ale to drobiazg. Strona świetna, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

Jest napisane, że to dla osób, które myślą o języku poważnie. Ucząc się zaawansowanego słownictwa, przeważnie już na poziomie B2/C1 rozumie się podaną po ang. definicję. Nie ma zatem co marudzić. :)

Moim zdaniem jeżeli ktoś już jest na filologii to powinien znać podstawowe zdania, sformułowania czy słowa jakie zostały zastosowane w tych przykładach słów ciut bardziej unikalnych, jak dla mnie bajka. Świetna strona, pozdrawiam.

Brak. Mnie np brakuje tłumaczenia zdania. I to jest też głównie największy problem w książkach. Tłumaczy się słówko a nie całe zdanie. I przez to niby zastosowanie jest - no jest... ale niepełne.

Genialny pomysł, ale nieprecyzyjne wykonanie...brak polskich tłumaczeń utrudnia pracę.


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