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1401-1450 z 2565
Słówko Definicja Tłumaczenie Przykład


extremely strong wind, wichura The tornado caused terrible gales.


shelled animal with a soft body divided into sections, skorupiaki Most crustaceans like crabs live in water.


narrow piece of land sticking out of the coast into the sea, cypel, przylądek The coast had many headlands overlooking the sea.


protection of natural wildlife, ochrona środowiska We should increase wildlife conservation


having leaves that fall off in the autumn, zrzucające liście Maple and chestnut are examples of deciduous trees.


protected area set aside for animals, rezerwat przyrody Yellowstone is a large wild animal sanctuary.


variety of species, bioróżnorodność There is much less biodiversity now than a thousand years ago.


reduce the worth or destroy, powodować degredację The rain forests are being degraded.


not friendly, having ill will, wrogi The desert is a hostile environment.


originating in a given area, rdzenny, lokalny


Storks are indigenous to Poland.


sth retarding the growth of bacteria, bakteriostat We need to find a better bacteriostat for salmonella.


area where garbage and waste are put, wysypisko śmieci The municipal dump is located outside the city.

acid rain

rain polluted with acids, kwaśny deszcz Acid rain is dangerous for plant life.


Something that is the complete opposite of what you believe in. Mark's suggestion that the Beatles were the most overrated group in history was complete anathema to his wife.

to pander

To give someone what they want even when you know its not good for them. Government should never pander to the wants of society. Parents often pander to the wants of their children buy giving them sweets, etc.

to prevaricate

To try and hide the truth by not answering a question directly. We could tell the teacher was confused when he began prevaricating over the question of research papers.

to be candid

To be open and honest. He is always very candid in his comments, which can be rather embarrassing at times.


A remark or action that offends or insults someone Mr. Darcy's dismissal of Elizabeth Bennett's offer was an affront to her pride.


False To believe that God is the only person or thing which has the right to take and give life is fallacious in the extreme.


a clever trick used to deceive sb. It was only upon arriving at his destination that he realized the promise of teaching beautiful models had been a ruse.


To give a false impression of something Her pretty smile belies the fact that she is deeply depressed.


To be without. I find his argument bereft of logic.


Brave and shocking His book claiming that Mother Mary wasn't a virgin was audacious in the extreme.


Seriousness I don't think people fully appreciate the gravity of the situation


Believing pleasure is the most important thing in life. In the late 60s there was movement towards a more hedonistic lifestyle.


An arrogant feeling of superiority. Have you noticed how haughty museum curators can be?


Someone who has oldfashioned opinions and doesn't like change. Despite the fact that I have been with my boyfriend for 5 years, my father still won't let us sleep in the same room together. He is such an old fogey.


false, an act. pozory I don't think Gerald is such a caring person really - it's all just a pretence!


a small lie or (as a verb) the act of doing so. bujda, kłamstewko I wish you'd stop fibbing and tell the truth for a change!


made up/untrue story, a lie. wymysł The court decided that the defendant's story was a fabrication - and that he was lying.


using ambiguous words to conceal truth. wyrażać się dwuznacznie What happened? Come on, stop equivocating and tell me - I can see by your face that sth has happened.


substitute, (inferior) imitation. surogat This coffee isn't very good - it seems rather ersatz?


(v) feign, pretend; (n) a pretence. udawać, pozory I think Jane was just shamming a headache so that she could leave early?


not genuine, not what sth purports to be. fałszywy Yes, I think Jane's excuse was a spurious one too.


genuine prawdziwy No, this coat really is made of leather, honestly! It's pukka


concealing or disguising sth, talking or acting hypocritically. obłuda Most politicians I think can be accused of dissembling - it's rare to meet one that is entirely willing to tell the whole truth.

bona fide

enuine, sincere. prawdziwy, rzetelny This diamond is not real - the bona fide one is over there.


entitled to veneration or deep respect, worthy. czcigodny I'd now like to introduce to you the venerable lord Atkinson...


disposed to speak the truth. prawdomówny I think Gerald is a veracious person - I've never known him to lie


uprightness, honesty. prawość I trust Joseph completely - his probity just can't be questioned


deceitfulness. obłuda I've had enough of your duplicity - why can't you speak the truth for a change?


to say publicly that something is wrong; to be very critical of a person in public, potepiac Most priests denounce abortion although they cannot have families and children. My grandfather denounces Jews even though he has never known any.


Using very few words in a way that seems rude but is not intended to be. The hotel manager was rather brusque with his guests, but then it had been a long day.


a young human or animal that is still developing in its mother's body, płód Some people argue that fetus is not a human being yet. She lay curled up in a fetal position.


a glass tube, closed at one end, used in chemical experiments, probowka The test-tube was broken and acid burned the scientist's hand.

mercy killing

killing somebody suffering from an incurable disease painlessly, eutanazja Mercy killing is an euphemism for euthanasia.


female homosexuality, lesbianism, The word "saphism" comes from "Saphos," a lesbian writer in ancient Greece.


sex for pay, prostytucja Prostitution is legal in Holland, as well as many other things.

surrogate mother

woman who gives birth to a baby for someone else, matka zastępcza It can be psychologically trying for surrogate mothers when they have to give up the baby.
1401-1450 z 2565
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Dużo "literówek" i kilka poważniejszych błędów.

nursery school - oznacza również ŻŁOBEK (tak podaje słownik Cambridge), kindergarten - tłumaczy się jako PRZEDSZKOLE.

Jeśli dla niektórych z Państwa brak polskiego tłumaczenia, to co robicie na tym dziale, skoro jest to dla studentów filologii? Skoro student filologii jest poziomu B2/C1 powinien, jak nie musi, być w stanie zrozumieć znaczenie
z kontekstu. Jeśli znów rozchodzi się o wymowę, to jakim problemem jest wejść na stronę słownika takiego jak, longman, czy oxford, wpisać słowo i przeczytać transkrypcję/odsłuchać wymowę? Wystarczy odrobinę pomyśleć i odpowiedź się sama nasunie. ;) Pozdrawiam serdecznie.

Na jaki poziomie są te słówka ? Czy ich znajomość jest potrzebna do zdawania CAE ?

Wielka szkoda że, nie ma możliwości wydruku w pdf...

No właśnie w pdf by się przydało ;)

ma ktoś te wszystkie słówka w PDF ??

Zdania w przykładach są proste, co tu tłumaczyć? Zwłaszcza na tym poziomie. Ja bym raczej poprosiła o wymowę słówek. Czasem akcent albo głoska wymówiona nie tak -i klapa. Ale to drobiazg. Strona świetna, dziękuję i pozdrawiam.

Jest napisane, że to dla osób, które myślą o języku poważnie. Ucząc się zaawansowanego słownictwa, przeważnie już na poziomie B2/C1 rozumie się podaną po ang. definicję. Nie ma zatem co marudzić. :)

Moim zdaniem jeżeli ktoś już jest na filologii to powinien znać podstawowe zdania, sformułowania czy słowa jakie zostały zastosowane w tych przykładach słów ciut bardziej unikalnych, jak dla mnie bajka. Świetna strona, pozdrawiam.

Brak. Mnie np brakuje tłumaczenia zdania. I to jest też głównie największy problem w książkach. Tłumaczy się słówko a nie całe zdanie. I przez to niby zastosowanie jest - no jest... ale niepełne.

Genialny pomysł, ale nieprecyzyjne wykonanie...brak polskich tłumaczeń utrudnia pracę.


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