Ćwiczenia online - Przedimek nieokreślony a/an w języku angielskim

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Polecenie: Insert an/a/the/- where necessary.
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  1. Jane had operation and she is in hospital now.

  2. Where are your children now? children are still at school.

  3. I often listen to music but I never listen to radio.

  4. Did you see Tower of London or Houses of Parliament when you were in London?

  5. Her brother is criminal and she went to prison to visit him.

  6. I'm Catholic and I go to church every Sunday.

  7. Can you turn up television, please? I can't hear it.

  8. My favourite newspaper is Times and I always buy it in Wall Street.

  9. Jane was tired at party last night and she went to bed early.

  10. Has she visited any places in Europe? Oh yes, she has been to Denmark and Netherlands.

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